Why Ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting? What is it and why is it important? You need ghostwriting or a ghostwriter when your writing comes down to a “good news, bad news” scenario.

Bad News…

The bad news is that you have a story to tell. A message to communicate to clients. You’ve got a burning passion to write a book. But, you have no time to do any of it.

Good News…

The good news is I can solve that dilemma with writing services for your blog, article or book. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced writer, struggle with the written word or are somewhere in-between

I Can Help You!

My ghostwriting skills will help you turn that writing project into a reality while maintaining your unique voice and style. My passion as an editor and ghostwriter is to write your story with you in a partnership. That means you approve every word and edit. The final published work is yours and exceeds publishing standards of excellence. In addition, I have strategic partnerships who can help you get your work published on Amazon and through other venues.

I’m currently working with three separate authors bringing their stories to life as a vehicle to help others and I can do the same for you. You have a story to tell and Bringing Your Story to Life is what we focus on at Ficere Writing Solutions.

Your Next Step

Get the help you need with your writing task! Contact me today for a free consultation and let’s get started on your project!