FeesHow Much Do You Charge?  That’s the $64,000 Question you’ll eventually ask of any writer or other service provider.

 Freelance copy writing and editing rates vary widely from copywriter to copywriter. There are novices, part-timers, full-time professionals, and superstars and they all charge different rates.

 In addition, specific projects vary due to their length and complexity.  Because every project is different, I will quote you a rate for your entire project, rather than an hourly rate.

 Before putting together a proposal for your project, I’ll first meet with you or talk on the phone to determine exactly what you need from me. I’ll also define the project parameters and deadlines and come up with a detailed proposal that stays within or under your budget.

 Included in that proposal will be terms of payment and how and when you will be invoiced. I’ll specify a payment plan that allows you to pay at regular intervals throughout the length of the assignment until the final product is completed.

My rates are primarily based on the current Writers Market Guide rates, which provides hourly and per-project charges for a wide variety of writing and editing categories.

I also offer a discounted rate for non-profit and ministry organizations.

Total integrity is also foundational to Ficere Writing Solutions and I choose to only work with clients who share this foundation and are committed to honoring the agreed upon contractual terms.

I promise to meet your deadlines and your expectations in every job I perform for you.



My Promise To You:
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My goal is to provide your business or non-profit organization with specialized content that is compatible with your organization’s messaging and purpose. I tailor that content to your clients or constituents to give them a clearer understanding of your organization’s mission or goal.

I invite you to learn more about Ficere Writing Solutions and all I offer you. I’m confident that I can enhance your communication to your clients or constituents, while helping you meet their ever-growing needs more effectively. Simply put, my goal is to serve you in a professional and cost-effective manner.

– Dave -