“Scores killed in massive tycoon in Philippines

The Associated Press headline screamed. The poorly edited banner was quickly pulled, but the damage was already done. The headline appeared in hundreds of newspapers around the world. As a business professional, you can’t afford to have sloppy editing of any kind. Such as writing tycoon instead of typhoon.

My Editing Experience Works for You

With more than 30 years’ experience in both the radio and print media, I am passionate about my work as an editor. I help you get it right before your article, blog or book goes to clients or prospects. Most recently concentrating on books, I love working with authors and have edited or co-edited a dozen manuscripts. It’s a rewarding challenge tohelp an author better communicate their message or story.

Your Project is a Top Priority

As your editor, I give your work a thorough review of copy flow, grammar and typos. I look at the syntax and general organization. And, I give each project at least two complete edits as part of my commitment to excellence. My thorough review ensures that your project is ready for publication.

If you need a second set of eyes to review your document I also provide proofreading services at reasonable prices. This ensures that grammar errors and typos get corrected before your copy goes to print.

Past or current book editing clients include:

Innovation from Desperation: The Unfiltered Failures and Successes of an OG Social Media Marketer  by Desiree Martinez

Social media has changed how we function in the world today! Most of us scroll social media throughout the day. We take endless photos trying to capture the perfect pic to share on our feed. And, we constantly consume content that shapes our views and perceptions of our friends, families, and brands.

Innovation From Desperation is the business memoir of Desiree Martinez’s rollercoaster journey from the early days of social media marketing. She shares her unfiltered experiences, both good and bad while giving you tips for being a better content creator, regardless of algorithm changes or what new social media platforms pop-up.

Whether you are new to online marketing and business, or a seasoned professional, Desiree’s candid and real-talk stories will encourage you so you know that you are not alone in your failures and struggles. She will coach you on how to find innovation and share them with the world.


The Dance Floor Saved My Life: Beating the bullies of the past – and finding hope for the future by Christopher Brooks

 Published October 2018 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

“I set out to prove everybody wrong…”

From the very beginning, it seemed life was working against Christopher Brooks. From his earliest childhood experiences, being placed in special needs in elementary school, and never formally learning to read or write, Christopher was encountered by one bully after another. People, circumstances, and his own decisions seemed to conspire against him. Through hard work, dogged determination, and his sheer force of will, Christopher persevered and even opened and operated his own car audio business despite several severe setbacks.

But it still wasn’t enough to pacify his inner demons. Ultimately, Christopher was ready to end it all—until a phone call, and a visit to Tucson’s Club Congress changed everything.

Christopher’s raw and at times agonizing story will inspire you to fearlessly face the bullies in your life, transform your mindset, find hope in the power of who you are, and discover your dance!

“Astronomical Leadership: Be amazed at who you are” by Dr. Amanda H. Goodson

 Published January 2019 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Kindle Direct Publishing

When she was growing up in the shadow of the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, young Amanda Harris never imagined she’d someday actually work for NASA and ultimately become the first African-American woman to ever hold the position of Director of Safety and Mission Assurance out of the Marshall Space Flight Center.

In Astronomical Leadership, you’ll be inspired and motivated as Amanda shares her unlikely journey of overcoming obstacles of race and gender prejudice, finding her giftings and self-confidence, and making a bold proclamation that changed her life forever.

You’ll also walk alongside Amanda as she faces her greatest professional challenge—the destruction on reentry of the Space Shuttle Columbia—and deals with the personal trauma that followed that horrific event. You’ll also learn of her involvement in the investigation of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, transition from NASA, and development as a leader that eventually led to the creation of her unique take on Input-Process-Output to improve and enhance your leadership capability, presence, style, and brand.


“Oh, No…Not the Diva!” Dealing and revealing while living with mental illness by Jacquelyn D. Murray

Published June 2018 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Amazon CreateSpace

“They’ll think I’m going crazy…”

After having already overcome a rare and deadly Stage IV cancer, Jacquelyn D. Murray suddenly faced a new threat: the emergence of episodes of depression that eventually became an entirely unexpected diagnosis. In Oh, No…Not the Diva! Jacki reveals the deep-rooted sources of her mental illnesses as you experience her therapy with her and learn how those revelations changed her life.


Life Palette by Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love

Published November 2013 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Arizona Lithographers

Do you see yourself as a masterpiece? God’s masterpiece?

In Life Palette, Dr. Jeffrey Allen Love takes the concepts he’s learned as a successful painter and as a longtime pastor to teach you that God is the master artist—but you give Him the palette to dip His brush in and paint a masterpiece on the canvas of your life. Each chapter gives you practical, biblical insight you can immediately apply to create a personal Life Palette (comprised of your decisions and lifestyle choices) that’ll pave the way for God to paint your life as the masterpiece He created you to be.


Jesus’ Surprising Strategy by David Drum

Published July 2013 by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks through Arizona Lithographers

We are better together! We each hold a piece of the puzzle to our community’s needs.

You’re likely familiar with Jesus’ prayer that His followers would be one. Less well-known is how strategic and timely this prayer is as well as how instructional the prayer is about the kind of unity Jesus is praying for. Combine Jesus’ prayer with the apostle Paul’s citywide analogy, and you have a gift that provides powerful direction for how the body of Christ is supposed to operate in every city— a direction that could provide the very societal transformation we so desperately seek and need.


Concealed to Sealed: Unmasking the Pain to Transform and Live Your Authentic Life by Lorinda Martinez

Published August 2018 by High Bridge Books (Editing by Adam Colwell’s WriteWorks)

Six Masks, Four Personas, Two Men … and One Mighty God!

Born as the result of unusually tragic molestation, Lorinda’s past started dictating her present early in life. It created masks and brought forth personas that continually impacted her future-especially her choices of the men who became her first two husbands. Yet try as she might, Lorinda could never find the fairy tale life she desperately wanted. It wasn’t until she fully surrendered her life to God, her Heavenly Father and divine husband, that Lorinda was shown the power of love that has freed her to live an authentic, vibrant life filled with hope. A life she wants to offer to you.

Soon to be Published …

“Weathering the Storm: Breaking through the tempest of pain with God’s anchor of hope” by Phyllis Phelps (creative non-fiction memoir and self-help):

Phyllis Phelps, founding director of House of Hope NH, shares the love of Jesus Christ through her powerful personal story of faith. Hurt, abuse, and heartache led to a lifestyle of desperate addiction and empty relationships that would’ve surely destroyed her. Yet when she received help and discovered the life-changing power of God, her journey toward healing was only beginning—and would include many more challenges that severely tested her faith and threatened those she loved. Manuscript in production

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