AudiobookYour book takes on a new life when it becomes an audiobook. As a published author, you know that you need to turn your labor of love into this medium. It’s a fact audiobook sales jumped 25% last year.

An increasing number of people now enjoying audiobooks so why not yours? The market is growing, and it’s time for you to tap into it!

I bring more than 25 years of radio and digital editing experience to your project. I use that expertise to turn your book into an audiobook by both narrating and editing it. I’ve worked on several audiobook projects for Audible (Amazon’s audio company), ensuring that the final project meets the technical requirements for Amazon and all other audio distributors.

If you’re a female writer, I also have female narrators we can use as the voice for your book. Of course, you get to approve who narrates your book, and I’ll work with you to find the perfect voice for your project.

A lot of authors want to narrate their own book, and that is great! You simply give me the raw audio to edit, and I’ll do the rest. My process removes the breaths, long pauses, and goofs that happen when humans get in front of a microphone.

During the process, I’ll communicate with you about the status of your audiobook and give you detailed directions on portions of the book that need to rerecording. I make sure the finished product meets industry recording standards and can help you get it to market as well.

Join thousands of other authors who are reaping the benefits of having their audiobooks out in the marketplace through Amazon and scores of other distributors.

Contact me today for a free consultation about turning your published book into an audiobook!