Today’s businesses can thank Alexander Graham Bell for his invention of the telephone in 1876 as a game changer in the way we communicate and conduct business. Despite other advances in communications, the telephone remains one of the most widely used methods of communication worldwide. Thankfully, by marrying modern telephone technology with the cloud (Internet), 21st century businesses are truly able to harness the phone’s full potential.

One of the biggest advantagbusinesses to the cloud-based phone system is increased professionalism. Both small and medium sized businesses can have all of the telephone power and functionality that larger companies and corporations have for just a fraction of the cost. With the right choice of cloud phone systems a business need never miss a call from a prospect or customer. And, having someone to answer calls professionally is equally important. With today’s technology, even small to medium sized companies can afford a system that includes an auto-attendant answering service, music on hold, call queuing, voicemail and the ability to forward calls to any other phone number, including cell phones.

In addition to these business benefits, there is a technical upside as well. One of those is choosing where staff work. Because independent labor and working remotely is increasing in popularity across organizations of all sizes, this capability opens up many opportunities to get the most out of a mobile workforce. With the right cloud phone system an administrator or business owner can even set different permissions at both a business wide and user level.

The business world is constantly changing and in 2016 you can expect to see new trends unfolding in how companies operate. The success of a business and its growth ambitions will increasingly rely upon anticipating and understanding these trends, as they pertain to all areas of operation, including communications.


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