phoneThe development of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 is truly one of the most remarkable inventions of all time. Although phone styles, features and capabilities have changed in 140 years, the telephone remains one of the most ubiquitous items of electronic communication worldwide. And, with today’s 21st century technology via Smartphones and the Internet, businesses are truly able to harness the phone’s full potential.

Today’s innovative business owner knows he or she can exercise more control over their telephone system via “the cloud” – AKA The Internet – as a smart way of conducting business communications and keeping in touch with clients and customers. In addition, moving communication to the cloud is financially attractive and allows the business to use better technology, thus leading to greater efficiency in the workforce.

However, moving to a cloud-based phone system shouldn’t be done carelessly, but only after the business owner identifies the company’s business needs and links those needs to functional requirements. Equally important is the company’s communications strategy for its customers. Some of the business benefits of moving to the cloud include:

— Minimal capital expenditure – This helps a company’s cash flow and lets the business retain capital funds for future growth.

— Reduced cost and risk – Because physical maintenance charges are no longer required, the business saves money. The risk is also reduced because cloud phone systems are scalable so you only pay for what you use.

— Scalability – Because cloud phone systems can scale up and down, companies can easily flex to meet the demands of their seasonal fluctuations, such as January for holiday-driven companies, November for pre-Christmas orders, etc.

Cloud-based telephone systems enable different ways of working. Remote, home and mobile workers can accomplish more with a cloud phone system as companies of all sizes increasingly offer their staff new flexibility in the workplace.

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