“Scores killed in massive tycoon in Philippines

the Associated Press headline screamed. The poorly edited banner was quickly pulled but the damage was already done. The headline appeared in hundreds of newspapers around the world. As a business professional, you can’t afford to have sloppy editing of any kind. Such as writing tycoon instead of typhoon.

My Editing Experience Works for You

With more than 30 years’ experience in both the radio and print media, I am passionate about my work as an editor. I help you get it right before your article, blog or book goes to clients or prospects. I love working with authors and have edited or co-edited a dozen book manuscripts. It’s a rewarding challenge helping an author better communicate their message or story.

Your Project is a Top Priority

As your editor, I give your work a thorough review of copy flow, grammar and typos. I look at the syntax and general organization. And, I give each project at least two complete edits as part of my commitment to excellence. My thorough review ensures that your project is ready for publication.

If you need a second set of eyes to review your document I also provide proofreading services at reasonable prices. This ensures that grammar errors and typos get corrected before your copy goes to print or to your editor.

Past or current editing clients include:

Adam Colwell’s Writeworks
Artisan Jeff Love
Harvest Foundation (manuscript editing)
Jireh Communications
Madden Publishing (travel guide proofreading and editing)
Pastor David Drum “Jesus’ Surprising Strategy”
Westwood One / Metro Networks
Presidential Prayer Team
Top Dog Social Media

One satisfied client writes…

“Dave is an editor’s dream in the following ways – he listens well, has a firm grasp of an assignment, communicates efficiently, provides status updates, meets deadlines, and makes a good impression with his sources. Hire this guy. He gets the job done and everyone he meets seems to like him very much.”

— Elizabeth Hughes, Editor-In-Chief, Scottsdale Business + Life

Because you want and need professional, quality writing and editing on time and at a reasonable price, you’ll want to choose Ficere Writing Solutions. As the name says, I provide solutions for all your writing and editing challenges.

Let’s talk about your goals! Contact me today.

My Promise To You:
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My goal is to provide your business or non-profit organization with specialized content that is compatible with your organization’s messaging and purpose. I tailor that content to your clients or constituents to give them a clearer understanding of your organization’s mission or goal.

I invite you to learn more about Ficere Writing Solutions and all I offer you. I’m confident that I can enhance your communication to your clients or constituents, while helping you meet their ever-growing needs more effectively. Simply put, my goal is to serve you in a professional and cost-effective manner.

– Dave -