My media career began in Junior High School when my dad returned from an overseas trip with a brand new Sony reel-to-reel tape recorder.  I began playing records and talking into the machine, thus “creating” my own radio station.

Fast forward to college, where I majored in Journalism with an emphasis in broadcasting.  A college internship led to a part-time and then a full-time job at a non-profit radio station where I did everything from spin records to write, voice and produce news and promotional spots.

More than 20 years later I look back with satisfaction at an accomplished radio career as an on-air personality, writer, editor, interviewer and producer.  But all along, I continued to be a writer.

I’ve been writing copy for more than 25 years, and my background has taught me how to write clear, compelling copy that grabs a reader’s attention.

From radio commercials, promotional and financial appeals to news copy and on-air scripts, writing has always been an important part of my journey.  I pride myself on my diversity in being able to handle a wide range of different assignments and since launching Ficere Writing Solutions in 2011, I’ve:

  • Written and had published freelance articles on, The Presidential Prayer Team, The Deer Valley Times, Scottsdale Business + Life, Genius Avenue and many others.
  • Served as editor/proofreader for numerous articles published in Phoenix area magazines. 
  • Written hundreds of business blogs on a wide-range of topics.
  • Written numerous daily thought articles for Family Life Radio’s devotional magazine.
  • Supervised a team of 10 writers for The Presidential Prayer Team.
  • Worked as associate editor of numerous books
  • Helped business professionals develop and build their LinkedIn profiles

As a published freelance writer, I’ve honed my skills at choosing the right word or phrase to deliver the central message of the story. I believe words matter and words and the ideas they create are what get you and your business or organization noticed.  A carefully crafted, targeted message helps you stand out from the crowd.  Whether that’s through a catchy brochure, well-crafted magazine article, advertisement, radio spot or promotional flier or business blog, when you hire me, you get quality writing, attention to detail and a commitment to produce something you can be proud of.

My Promise To You:
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My goal is to provide your business or non-profit organization with specialized content that is compatible with your organization’s messaging and purpose. I tailor that content to your clients or constituents to give them a clearer understanding of your organization’s mission or goal.

I invite you to learn more about Ficere Writing Solutions and all I offer you. I’m confident that I can enhance your communication to your clients or constituents, while helping you meet their ever-growing needs more effectively. Simply put, my goal is to serve you in a professional and cost-effective manner.

– Dave -