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How in the world did I become a writer and editor? Well, I’ll never forget the day in Junior High School when my dad returned from an overseas trip with a brand-new tape recorder. I began playing records and talking into the machine, thus “creating” my own radio station. After a satisfying 25-year radio career, I realize that throughout that journey, I’ve also been a writer and editor and have done so in a variety of media for more than 30 years. That experience has taught me how to write and edit my own work as well as that of others to grab a reader’s attention and get to the point.

Growing and Expanding

In 2011 I launched Ficere Writing Solutions, with the goal of helping others communicate their message to their clients. Since then, I’ve written and had published articles for scores of national and local publications and websites. In addition, I’ve served as an editor/proofreader for numerous articles published in Phoenix area magazines, edited or co-edited nearly a dozen books and written hundreds of business blogs on a variety of topics.

In 2017, I added LinkedIn Consultant to my repertoire, helping business professionals develop and build their LinkedIn profiles and expand their influence through this powerful social media platform.

I couldn’t do what I do without the love and support of my wife and best friend, Patt. We live in Phoenix, Arizona, enjoying the beautiful weather and the chances to travel to favorite spots such as Flagstaff and San Diego.

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My Promise To You:
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My goal is to provide your business or non-profit organization with specialized content that is compatible with your organization’s messaging and purpose. I tailor that content to your clients or constituents to give them a clearer understanding of your organization’s mission or goal.

I invite you to learn more about Ficere Writing Solutions and all I offer you. I’m confident that I can enhance your communication to your clients or constituents, while helping you meet their ever-growing needs more effectively. Simply put, my goal is to serve you in a professional and cost-effective manner.

– Dave -